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Free stuff I can't live without

The top 10 free tools I can't live without, Windows Edition: vim - to  code stuff putty - to log in and browse... WinSCP - ...and then transfer files Wireshark - to go deep Cygwin - because nothing beats grep RealVNC - for  graphical remote sessions TortoiseSVN - easy, fast version control with a GUI VMware - when I run out of hardware and want to check out Linux distros procexp - another awesome tool from sysinternals firefox - which could be chrome when the bugs are ironed out Linux Edition: vim - who knew! fluxbox - simplicity is bliss xmms - like I  mentioned above opera Wireshark/tcpdump svn - to host and serve the Windows subversion clients gcc - to build all these neat programs cifs - to mount the Windows shares wodim - makes CD/DVD burning that much easier mysql - for my running log entries!

Why have this blog...

...when I'm a seemingly reclusive software engineer just trying to get work done?  Well, maybe I might be able to convey some of my experiences to help others, or maybe others can find what I've done and give me hints on what I could do better. In either case, it's therapeutic, and if nothing else, provides an external outlet for thoughts on issues I encounter in the area where data networks and software collide.  Enjoy!