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Building Wireshark on Win32

It was a tedious process, but here's how I got it done. I first tried to follow the: However, it's not as straightforward as it seems. Here's the lowdown on how I got the source to build: First, I tried building using the following environment: - Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 - Cygwin 1.6 with unzip, bison, flex, perl, patch, wget - Python 3.1 - Subversion 1.6.6-4 - TortoiseSVN 1.6.6 One of the source files, epan/dissectors/packet-dcerpc-netlogon.c, uses a variadic macro, which is only supported in MSVC 2005 and later. Wasn't interested in commenting out the code only to find more problems, so I abandoned this idea. I then tried to come up with an environment that was probably more supported by Wireshark: - Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2008 Express Edition - Cygwin 1.7 with unzip, bison, flex, perl, patch, wget - Python 2.6.4 - Subversion 1.6.6-4 - TortoiseSVN 1.6.6 Things went well except a co