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Mythical Man Month

I'm an avid but slow reader, so as a reward for finally getting through the heavy "Guns, Germs, and Steel" by Jared Diamond on Monday night, I am rewarding myself by picking up "The Mythical Man-Month" by Fred Brooks. I guess this is the quintessential software project management book, but as a developer I still am concerned with the software process because I like to be cognizant of the time constraints of my work.

I probably bought this book about four years ago, so I regret not reading it through the first time due to its heavy material. I'm a little more patient now, so maybe this time around it will be easier.

Other geeky stuff I've read:
"Just for Fun" - Linux Torvalds
"Hacker Culture" - Douglas Thomas
"The Art of Unix Programming" - Eric Raymond
"Domain Driven Design" - Eric Evans


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Software Design Principles - SOLID

The SOLID software design principles weren't called SOLID while I was in grad school, but the concepts were there in my Object Oriented Design course. They're worth mentioning here, primarily because I think once you start coding and become dangerous, it's one of the best ways to stay organized once you incorporate it into your daily coding routines, and it even changes your way of thinking for the better:

Matlab and MySQL

I had a lot of data in a MySQL database that I wanted to analyze. I had a copy of Matlab, so I figured the best way to look at this all would be to plot this data and use some GUI elements to go through various combinations. After some Googling, I found this database connector that seemed to do the trick. I downloaded the files, configured mex to use MSVC 2008, built the connector, then I was able to successfully connect over the network! I ran into two problems, though: The connector does not support fetching columns of type TIMESTAMP, and With the magnitude of data (about 180k rows), access times were really slow. I was able to solve problem #1 by changing my columns to DATETIME, which was supported. I'm still trying to figure out problem #2. It may come down to importing all the data directly into Matlab.

Rehashing C++ With Smart Pointers

Though I have seldom cared about using smart pointers these past three years (primarily because I work mostly with C, which can't support truly encapsulating smart pointers), I have tried to rehash my knowledge with Andrei Alexandrescu's tutorial here: [] I am absolutely astounded by the attention to detail in this article for something so simple as a single class with overloaded operators. C++ is a language that is not for the faint at heart, so this sort of article helps to navigate through the memory management limitations of C++. I should consider buying Andrei's book with the Eckel book to go with my Stroustroup and Musser books! Where's my amazon wish list...